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Strategic CSR
When organisations had to adapt to changes such as OH & S, Anti-discrimination etc they did so by making adjustments to maintain legislated requirements and it took years for them to actually see these changes as a strategic imperative that added value to their business.

CSR is the ‘new’ change and it too is seen as a good vehicle for brand development and public relations. While it certainly is these things there is a danger that its real value will not be realised in time to make a significant difference.

In this program we create dialogs that allow you to examine CSR through prisms that show how it can ensure corporate longevity, while also enabling profitability. We suggest that this program would be of most value to senior management, as they have control of strategic direction of the organisation.
Range of Possible Content
  • The Profit Motive
  • CSR and philanthropy
  • An introduction to business ecology
  • The sustainability debate – The Leader’s dilemma
  • Value driven leadership
  • Making the ‘triple bottom line’ work.
  • Sustainability models
  • Strategy and execution workshop
Delivery Modes
One or two day workshop residentially facilitated.
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