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Collaborative Value-Chaining
Toyota has made itself into the world’s most successful car maker because one of its key platforms is value chain management. It has a value chain that is clearly identified and developed into a highly collaborative network.

This philosophy is difficult for most organisations that have adopted and followed a competitive frame of reference with suppliers and other stakeholders, which works against the notion of collaboration. This program/strategy is very different in that it brings the principal stakeholders together to examine the case for collaboration, and to also provide a means for doing so.
Range of Possible Content
  • The process model
  • Systems theory
  • Value chain mapping workshop
  • Value chain analysis
  • Zero sum competition thinking – The cost of failure
  • Manufacturing collaboration – engagement principles
  • Services collaboration - engagement principles
  • Stakeholder problem solving
Delivery Modes
This program has 3 stages:
1. A half-day workshop with senior management to establish the strategic value and feasibility of a collaborative value chain and agreement on the stage 2 strategy.

2. Representatives of the value chain meet for a day to scenario plan and develop the framework for collaboration.

3. This is a two-day workshop where leadership of the stakeholder groups plans how the collaborative framework will be implemented in the value chain.

The change takes up to two years before collaborative cultures are formed. Sage will provide on-going support for the transformation through internal consulting, mediation and any required skills development for the change.
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