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About Sage Training
How We Work

At Sage Training, we specialise in enhancing our clients’ organisational capabilities by a combination of increasing the effectiveness of their human resources and by offering internal consultancy services.

Sage has been successful in bringing about positive change for our clients in two ways: by augmenting our clients’ existing skill sets, and by helping our clients to draw more productively from the diversity of skills and experiences already available within their organisations.

Growing our relationships by growing our clients

The Sage Approach is to add value to our relationships with our clients through:
  • Understanding the client’s current business goals and values
  • Determining critical success factors: What do they have to “get right” to stay competitive in business?
  • Conduct a SWOT for the client
  • De-layer the organisation to identify how its current value chain serves its business goals
  • Identify the value chain and the critical processes/paths
  • Delineate the organisational structure
  • Identify work that builds revenue and work that supports revenue building activity
  • Understand how revenue building and non-revenue building work are geared to service the value chain
  • Identify disparities between our clients’ current stated goals and values and what should ideally exist so that Sage clients can maintain and enhance their own customers’ critical success factors (CSF’s)
  • Swiftly design and implement required interventions to expedite the necessary changes
The Sage Standard is to seek quantitative and qualitative objectives by which our interventions are measured so that we can ensure that we deliver a positive return on our clients’ investments in our services.

Cost effective external resource

We seek to become the preferred supplier of learning and development services to all our clients.
The Sage Belief is that we can succeed because we offer:
  • Multi-disciplinary capabilities
  • Strong and lasting value-adding partnerships with our clients
  • A long and successful track record of aligning human resources with corporate objectives
  • Robust support for major organisational change initiatives

Sage Consultant Profiles

Robert Vander Wall – Managing Director

Robert has been successfully consulting to Australian and overseas organisations since 1989. He has been a trainer for more than twenty years; during this time he also managed a large corporate training function for three years. He set up Sage Training in Australia in 1997, and then established it in Sri Lanka in 2001; where he worked for four years from May 2003. He launched Sage in Thailand in 2010.

Robert is a powerful communicator whose engaging and motivational style can reach even the most difficult audience and secure commitment to required outcomes. Effective program design is one of the keys to successful training. Robert’s skills in this discipline are used by some of Australia & Sri Lanka’s leading organisations.

Robert is very successful at achieving sustainable results in management, supervision, and leadership skills development. He does so through formal training programs and/or one-on-one coaching. Robert works with teams to help them produce consistently high quality outputs. Quality customer service is another ethic he has helped to establish in many Australian and multi-national organisations.

He believes that personal development is a significant contributor to individual productivity and success, and has achieved excellent results in the field. He has a strong sports coaching and fitness background, and uses the experience to help people realise their potential, whether it is on the sporting field or off it; in corporate and social environments.

Robert has worked with many global organisations including; Sony, Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, Victoria’s Secret, TNT, Woolworths, and Fujitsu General to name a few. He was the only non-academic invited to present a paper he wrote at the Global Conference on Leadership Ethics at Ashridge Business School, UK. He is currently based in Sydney.


Lalith Gunaratne - Director

Lalith Gunaratne is an entrepreneur who brings in practical experience and a diverse worldview to the area of training and facilitation. He was a pioneer to establish a solar energy venture in the late 1980s and the company was sold to Shell Renewables International in 1999.

He has international consulting experience in renewable and rural energy where he focused mostly on technology-human interface issues and capacity building. He was involved with the USAID South Asia Regional Initiative -Energy project. He also established and the Head of the Board of the non-governmental organization, Energy Forum in Sri Lanka, which promotes rural and renewable energy.

In 2002, he and Robert established Sage Training in Sri Lanka and Lalith developed into a competent trainer and facilitator. He has facilitated leadership and team building workshops for a host of organizations in the private sector, government and NGOs. He is also a trained facilitator and International Trainer for the British Council’s Dreams + Teams and other programs where he trains teachers and youth on leadership. He continues to facilitate this program Sri Lanka and has worked in India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi and Namibia.

He co-authored, Solar Entrepreneur’s Handbook and Altered States, a booklet based on a research study done on Corporate Social Responsibility in Sri Lanka. Robert and Lalith also developed a CSR Handbook for the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the Voluntary Agenda for Responsible Business. Lalith is also a blogger to Ode Magazine and Groundviews makes social commentary on leadership and spirituality.

He has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Nuclear Option) from Canada, Diploma in Marketing from UK and MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice from University of Bath, United Kingdom. His current research and inquiry is on human behaviour and spirituality.

He is married to Samantha and blessed with four children.


Greg Vance – Director

Greg has been a successful trainer for the past 25 years. He has successfully managed training units for both public & private sector organisations.

Greg is an excellent up-front presenter and facilitator with outstanding communication skills. He has the ability to generate commitment from his audience and is an exceptional motivator.

Greg's particular areas of interest include Leader Development, Negotiation Skills, Influencing Skills, Sales Skills and Personal Success training.

Greg is also the author of four books, Getting Real (a user-friendly guide to rapid personal development), The Australian Manager's Guide to Success (Ideas, Tips and Techniques), Delivering the Goods (developing sales and service excellence), and Live a Better Life (how to think and achieve success).

The wealth of Greg’s experience as an agent for positive change sees him in demand by Bayer Pharmaceuticals (Australasia), Target, Coles-Myer, and MLC Insurance, to name a few.


Maria Chanmugam - Consultant

Maria Chanmugam joined Sage training in 2005 and is interested in facilitated learning and its ability to empower individuals and groups to create positive change to succeed and realise their potential. Her personal objective is to work towards a just, sustainable and peaceful world for a brighter future for all and believes this can be done by making a commitment to continuously develop her own and other’s awareness and understanding while having fun!

Maria has a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and Anthropology and has worked in the fields of Education and Training in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka in both the humanitarian and corporate sector. Her particular interests include communication skills across diverse and multicultural environments and the potentials of longer term corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its commitment to sustainability.

Maria is currently setting up a small business promoting ‘pro-poor’ ecotourism and responsible travel.


Shane Horsburgh – Senior Consultant

Shane is a highly motivated individual who thrives on challenging projects that add value to the organisations in which he works. As an experienced and highly commended leader of people across a wide range of genres, Shane has always been passionate about providing guidance, motivation and autonomy to those around him, so that they will in turn develop their own leadership capabilities.

Shane’s open, selfless approach was integral to his own leadership journey has extended into the development of training programs and coaching of others. His ability to get lasting results from his efforts comes through a warm and highly interactive facilitation style developed as a consequence of:
  • Thirteen years in the development and facilitation of training programs in both Government and Non-Government organisations.
  • Extensive experience in practical leadership in his role as a team leader in the counter terrorism industry in Australia and overseas.
  • Extensive study in Behavioural Science and Psychology, resulting in a greater understanding of the human condition.
Shane’s Strengths
  • Well developed business acumen, planning, co-ordination & organisation skills
  • Instructional design and facilitation of leadership development programs.
  • Excellent and commended leadership skills developed over many years in varied roles
  • Creative, outgoing, people oriented, client & customer focused.
  • Excellent interpersonal & communication skills, including confident training & presentation abilities, motivation & coaching skills, as well as sound report writing capabilities

Carl Massy – Strategic Partner/Consultant

Life Coach & Fitness Advocate

Carl has travelled the road less travelled, and a lot of paths in between. He made a habit of travelling for one year every five years to disengage from the routine and step well outside the box.

An Australian Army Major at the age of 29, he resigned and moved to Salt Lake in 2002 to consult for the Winter Olympic Games. This lead to 5 years of consulting to Olympic and Asian Games committees and stakeholders across the world; which honed his skills in helping individuals and organizations get superior results, regardless of their cultural backgrounds or experience.

In 2007 he set off in a different direction. Taking up his long time hobby of helping people find their inner happiness. He fortified his skills in the mind-body connection with formal studies in the USA, followed by a decision to move to Asia. He now conducts life coaching for a diverse range of private clients; and enjoys working with the holistic fitness retreat, Bali Elements.

Carl has a management degree, a diploma in NLP, is a qualified personal trainer, has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a Reiki master. He also does charity work in East Timor and supports small business enterprises in the Philippines and India. Plus he writes monthly happiness articles for Insight Lifestyle magazine in Bali.

Carl has been involved in many Sage Training initiatives and his relationship with Sage is a perfect example of co-creation through collaboration.
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